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Lift Yourself Up Virtual Dance Party, Thank You Dr. Amy Acton

Thank You Dr Amy Acton! https://www.facebook.com/events/1526481244187772/

Dr. Amy Acton has been a leading voice in the fight against COVID-19.  This week we ard paying tribute to her contributions.  It is her knowledge and advocacy that has led the leadership into making critical decisions that have kept many Ohioians alive and healthy.  It is for this we are thankful and are showing are appreciation by paying tribute to her, the medical professionals, first responders and leaders that assist leaders in making decisions to protect us.

The Virtual Dance Party Legends of Dance features national and local talent that is broadcast every Saturday from 4-8 PM through Twitch, Vimeo, IHeartRadio mobile app, YouTube, and a variety of social media streaming platforms.  The purpose of the event is to 1.) lift people’s spirit, 2.) raise awareness of health and support resources, 3.) support local businesses and raise funds for organizations and industry workers, and 4) spread the word about extended absentee voting for the Ohio primary election and to our quarantine time to reflect on the need for a strong, vibrant democracy and help those combating this virus.  Virtual Dance Party made international news with the League of Women Voters, New York Times. 

Appearances by: Nina West, Virginia West, DJ RexxStep and DJ Brad Badger


photo. Chaylene Hardy/Handout via REUTERS

Streaming: http://craftthevote.net Twitch:  https://www.twitch.tv/getthevoteout  Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/user111319740. IHeartRadio Mobile App  https://prideradio.iheart.com/featured/virtual-pride-party/

For more information, visit Stonewall Columbus: https://stonewallcolumbus.org/liftyourselfup/  & Craft The Vote: http://craftthevote.net/lift-yourself-up/   We are raising funds this week for Stonewall Columbus








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