About US

We are a grassroots, non-partisan initiative founded by members of the LGBTQ+ community to inspire more members of all politically under-represented Ohioans to vote regularly.  We have seen first hand how representation matters and we have learned that relentlessly focusing on exercising our right to vote yields results and will lead to a safer, more equitable and inclusive Ohio.

Out of 30 elections between 1900 and 2016, Ohio casted votes for the winning presidential candidate 93 percent of the time (28 out of 30 elections), more than any other state in the country. In that same time frame, Ohio supported Republican candidates for president more often than Democratic candidates, 60 to 40 percent. Between 2000 and 2016, Ohio’s voting accuracy was 100 percent.

 As Ohio goes, so goes the nation.  WE can influence how Ohio goes.

Our Vision

We envision a safer, more equitable and inclusive Ohio where more politically under-represented Ohioans* vote regularly.

Our Mission

We inspire more politically under-represented Ohios to value and exercise their right

to vote regularly.

“Coming Out” is Our Superpower

 We understand how powerful it is to be true to oneself, to stand up  and be heard. For some of us, coming out saved our lives. And we will use that superpower to inspire more politically under-represented Ohioans to stand up, and be heard by exercising their right to vote regularly.  Because we know that when we vote, we vote for a safer, more equitable and inclusive Ohio.

Our Values

  • Truth.  We seek truth.  We are unbiased and we learn alternate sides of issues.

  • Honor.  We respect all people.  We value all people and help and protect those most marginalized first and foremost.

  • Unity.  We unify around our values.  We recognize and honor our differences and our uniqueness.

Our Bold Goal

By 2030 politically under-represented Ohians are equally REPRESENTED!

2016 (last presidential election year) Actuals

*Note: the Ohio Secretary of State’s Office does not disaggregate voter data

Voters: 5,607,641

Registered voters: 7,861,025

Eligible voters (voting age population): 8,736,808 (8,955,859)

% of eligible voters who were registered: 90%

% of registered voters who voted: 71.33%

% of eligible voters who voted: 62.9%

Get The Vote Out/Vote Responsibly/Craft The Vote is a non partisan grass roots organization comprised of an all volunteer network of people, organizations, craft breweries, businesses, educators and people who are leading the charge to register voters and increase civic engagement.


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