The Six Pack Card

Author: Brad Henry

What is it?  The Six Pack Card is a rewards card.  As you visit different craft breweries and participating events you collect unique stickers.  When your card is full you check back to this website to collect cool merchandise.

Why the Six Pack Card?

The next generation of voters told us that they want fun and engaging and when it comes to voting they want reminders.  We are collaborating with Craft Breweries and event organizers around the state to do all the above and reward individuals who join the fun.


The idea first began post a meeting of civic leaders who were discussing voter engagement and we decided whatever we do needs to be fun, modern and appeal to a younger demographic; gamify it.  Next we blended that with a side conversation with Jeni Britton Bauer from Jeni’s Ice Cream.  She mentioned that she wanted to see more color in the world and less industrial looking projects.  The idea stuck.   We brainstormed with Adam Brouillette from littleINDUSTRIES and came up with the concept of creating icons that represent the Truth, Honor, and Unity and make them look like badges people would earn.  Lisa McLymont, from Process Create and Brouillette worked to complete the artwork and design.

Thanks to generous contributions from The Ohio State University, Equitas Health and Equality Ohio we were able to host a pilot event and test the card at the Land Grant Brewery in Franklinton Arts District at the Kickoff Event and HRC Presidential Viewing Party.

Check back as the project evolves and be on the lookout for the Six Pack Card and participating locations.

*There are a long list of people that need to be thanked, however, too many for this story!  You know who you are.